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Our company is a traditional Val Gardena family business

It was in 1915 when Giuseppe Comploj, the present owner’s grandfather, was recruited to Vienna by the Austrian Army to carve hand protheses from wood for war soldiers who had lost their hands during the Word War I battles.

When the war was over Giuseppe Comploj turned back to Val Gardena and started to produce wooden toys, which he then sold all over Europe. In 1917 he founded the G. Comploj Company. 

When his son Johann Comploj took over the business in 1950, the focus was shifted to the production and sale of high-quality woodcarvings.

The wood carving G. Comploj

In the years between 1963 and 1967 the Gardena handicraft was plunged into a severe crisis. Numerous woodcarvers had to close down their businesses. Fortunately, Johann Comploj was able to survive those difficult times and in the early 1970s his woodcarving business saw a significant upturn.

From year to year the wood sculptures from Val Gardena were increasingly becoming known. They were much sought-after and sold like hot cakes. The woodcarving items were exported worldwide.

This success led to the opening of a new retail shop in 1969. It is at 45 Gherdeinastr. right on the main road, about 1 km from S. Cristina, Val Gardena.

Handicrafts from Val Gardena

In 1991 the business extended to the third generation when Johann’s son Georg Comploj joined it

Since 2003 the owner's wife Iliane Goller has also been working in sales. With her expert knowledge she advises and assists customers in the purchase of the sculptures..

In spring 2005 the woodcarving business was totally rebuilt and extended to offer its customers an even greater range of items

Handicrafts from G. Complojj